Translation Services
Professional translation of documents, websites, software strings, apps, films, and videos requires highly specialized translators who know your industry terminology. Ours have master’s or equivalent degrees in the art of translation – rendering and adapting concepts, not just words – at least ten years’ continual industry experience, and work into their native languages so they capture your nuances and expressions.Our process consists of three major steps: a draft or initial translation; editing (review of the translation by a second professional linguist); and proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Additional steps such as formatting or layout/desktop publishing are also available. Translations undergo a final Quality Assurance review to ensure consistency and accuracy across all languages. Certified translations are at no additional charge.


The source files to be translated are produced by technical writers and mostly convey scientific or technological information.

Writing in the industrial sector is extremely precise and concise. Accurate descriptions of each concept, term and measurement are critical.

Professional linguists who specialize in technical translations have advanced degrees and expertise in your specific field of science or technology, understand this specialized terminology in the source and target languages, have at least ten years of experience in translation, and work in their native language.

Since the source text must be totally accurate, technical translations relay practical, objective, and functional data. They must be factual, with no insertion of unstated suggestions or opinions.

Technical translations must also follow the exact order and convey the exact processes and exact operations of the source text.

Unlike Marketing documents, for example, technical translations must be literal and logical, use simple and clear terms, and not allow for interpretation or nuances.

Our technical translators have qualifications such as these:

  • 25 years’ experience in translating technical documentation.
  • Native (target) language: Portuguese.
  • Source languages: English, French, and German.
  • Academic qualifications: Language and Interpreters’ Institute, Munich; Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lisbon.


ImagineLingua offers translation services of all kinds: certified document translation services, online document translation services, professional document translation services, online certified translation services, certified legal translation services, and official language translation services. We have years of experience in each of these services to be able to provide you with the most accurate translations.


ImagineLingua provides certified document translation services for immigration documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, baptism certificates or records, adoption certificates or records, passports, police records or police reports, as well as all kinds of medical records and academic records such as diplomas and transcripts. We also provide certifications of contracts, legal agreements, and other kinds of legal documents.
This certification attests that the translation was done by an authenticated, professional translator or translating team. We can also notarize certifications if required. Expect a one or two-day delivery time for a one-page document.


Our professionally trained, subject-specialized translating teams localize and culturally adapt your files to the target country and/or the global market and provide official language translation services as needed. These professional document translation services include operating manuals, user manuals, instruction manuals, guides, newsletters, brochures, sales specs, letters, and emails, as well as translations of websites, movies, films, PowerPoints (PPTs), videos, apps, software and audio files.


Our certified legal translation services include employment contracts, software contracts, manufacturing contracts, distribution contracts, merger & acquisition documents, patents, regulations, tests, licensing agreements, purchase agreements, buy/sell agreements, plus academic records such as transcripts and diplomas. We also offer certified legal translation services to transcribe and translate witness statements, recorded depositions, plus other recorded testimonies and phone calls. Everything can be certified and notarized upon request.

File types include User guides, operating manuals, instruction sheets, patents, regulatory documents, confidential tests and exams, and similar files, all translated by professionally trained linguists who speak your industry terminology.


ImagineLingua provides translation services for professional document translation services such as bank statements; banking rules, bank regulations, bank policies; mortgage statements, mortgage documents; other financial records; ethnic or multicultural marketing brochures, PowerPoints, videos; etc. All are localized and culturally adapted to the target country, multicultural audience, or global market as needed, and with translation by Industry-speaking professional linguists in your desired language.


Immigration documents should always be on hand in a safe place. These certified legal translation services include personal and family records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and certificates, divorce certificates, baptism records, adoption records, passports, police records, plus academic transcripts and diplomas, and some medical records. All are certified (and notarized, if needed) at no extra charge. These documents can almost always be translated in one or two business days. Notarizations may take a day longer.


We believe it’s vital to have linguists with industry experience while offering professional document translation services. As with other specialties, translating is done by linguists who have master’s or equivalent degrees, have ten+ years’ experience; and speak medical, healthcare, and/or pharmaceutical terminology in each target language. We offer online document translation services in the medical field translating projects that are often for equipment manuals, instruction manuals, clinical reports, pharmaceutical files, journal articles, questionnaires, forms, brochures, admission and discharge procedures, user guides, patient information, overseas medical reports, medical insurance policies, and more.


Over three decades, we translated for some of the largest dental supply companies in the world. Dental projects include: Information guides, directions for use, equipment or device operating instructions, surveys, brochures, product manuals, dental office policies and procedures, and more. ImagineLingua provides official language translation services for dental projects.


Whether for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, or other forms of transport, translating automotive files is one of our specialties. Over our three decades, we have done user manuals, parts manuals, guides, PowerPoints, contracts, and agreements through our online certified translation services.

We are proud to be the exclusive translation agency for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), translating their study guides and tests and doing voiceovers into 23 immigrant languages. We have also served many parts manufacturers and car rental agencies.Learn more
Interpreting Services
We are a global interpretation company that includes highly trained, professional and subject-specialized language interpreters – people who render spoken communication between languages.

Different Interpretation Services

  • Consecutive (speaker speaks, then interpreter interprets), or
  • Simultaneous (interpreter interprets while the speaker speaks).
  • Onsite with virtual location (On-demand with a video connection)
  • Pre-scheduled video interpreting
  • Onsite
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • VRI (Video Remote Interpreting for American Sign Language)
  • OPI (Over-the-Phone), described below.

Please specify whether you need state- or Federally-certified interpreters for court cases or depositions.

What you get to ensure your success:
  • Matching interpreters to the subject and the languages of your meeting;
  • Providing professionals in North America or throughout the world;
  • Discussing your project with you to help you meet your needs within your budget and timeframe; and
  • Determining your most cost-effective equipment solutions (whisper transmitters or sound booths) for seminars or conferences.
  • For court cases or legal depositions, providing court-certified interpreters in many languages nationwide.
  • PLUS a 95% success rate working miracles– finding skilled professionals with just a few hours’ notice (although we do appreciate it when you don’t make us gray).


If your company, agency or organization has non-English clients or employees with whom you need to interact most every day — or if you communicate with deaf or blind people — check out the Instant Language Assistant. The ILA can transform operations for government agencies, hotels, tourist sites, schools, construction sites, telemedicine and many more sectors.



Non-English Speaker

Don’t let the lack of a common language stop you. With our phone language interpretation services, you can communicate easily and accurately…in over 100 languages!

Speak to non-English prospects to explain your needs.

Speak to limited-English customers to clarify your message.

Negotiate or seal a deal.

As a global interpretation company, ImagineLingua is proud to connect you by phone instantly to highly skilled, professional interpreters, trained in a wide range of topics. Our service puts trained interpreters literally at your fingertips — 24 hours per day, every day of the year, in more than 100 languages and dialects ­­– for more accurate, efficient communication.

Focused on you and your clients’ needs

Precise communication cannot be overlooked. Understanding what a client or colleague is saying helps to ensure that everyone is fully informed and can make wise, cost-effective decisions. This helps put the people with whom you are working, serving or negotiating at ease, allowing them to speak to you in their own language through a highly skilled third-party phone interpreter.

Special requests, at your service

Sometimes you prefer to talk with a female or male interpreter on gender-sensitive topics such as healthcare.

We pride ourselves on delivering a superior level of language interpretation service, customized to fit your needs and preferences. If you or your end-clients have a special request, please let us know. We will work to accommodate it at no extra charge.

All calls are totally confidential and are HIPPA-compliant.

Simple, secure, reliable

  1. Instant phone access to trained, professional interpreters.
  2. Service 24 hours per day, every day of the year.
  3. Interpreters located mostly within the United States and familiar with American terminology.
  4. Clear, no-hassle billing at competitive rates.
  5. Free support for customized requests.
  6. Free training of your staff on the use of our services.
  7. A component toward compliance with federal requirements mandating access to interpreter services in specific industries.

Satisfaction guaranteed

All interpreters are highly screened and trained, and we are extremely confident of their capabilities. That is why we offer a full satisfaction guarantee. If you feel that an interpreter has not performed acceptably, please inform us promptly and there will be no charge.

Very inexpensive rates and ImagineLingua will bill you monthly. Please call to discuss large-volume discounts.

A small monthly Admin fee will apply –ONLY if you use the service.

Thank you. Happy talking!Learn more
Website translation
According to Common Sense Advisory:

  • 72% of global consumers prefer to use their native language when shopping online;
  • 55% of world consumers said they only buy from websites with information in their own language;
  • 56.2% of those consumers said that obtaining information in their own language is even more important than price; and
  • even in the multi-lingual European Union, only 50% of EU internet users are happy using an English website even when there is no other alternative.

Our website translation services are supported by globalization and internationalization teams who apply their technical knowledge to your website needs.

Automatic Machine (i.e., Software) Translation of websites often contains comical mistakes, incorrect grammar or wrong word usage that do not reflect your professionalism. If your website is not accurate, how can your international or multicultural clients assume that your product or service is accurate?

If you have multicultural clients at home or customers abroad, translating your website in their languages shows that you respect, concern, and value them and ensures that they understand your presentation.

Many organizations delay translating their website because it’s being updated or is incomplete. But some website translation is better than no website translation.


ImagineLingua routinely offers a huge spectrum of website translation solutions — with our usual fast delivery and highest quality.

  1. Translating your full website including all pages.
  2. Preparing an abridged website with your home page, contact page and key product pages.
  3. Having a one- to two-page PDF summary of your services in multiple languages.
Our services can range from translating one or two static HTML web pages into a single language to translating complex sites using dynamic web pages (such as .asp or .cfm) with copy embedded in code and containing graphics, animation, oral presentations and interactive applications… all into multiple languages and writing systems.

In addition to the technical demands of creating an effective website, to work on a global level your site also needs to be “internationalized” – i.e., checked for its content and graphics correctness for the target audience.

Some Localization and Internationalization tasks include:

  • Are dates and numbers written according to target-language conventions?
  • Are the text, colors, and images appealing or offensive to the target audience?
  • Does the text refer to expressions not used abroad?
  • Are prices converted to local currencies?
  • Are your noted payment methods available in the target countries?

To provide an integrated localized website, we may also need to consider…

  • Keywords, description tags, and other non-visible copy used by search engines;
  • Character-encoding adjustments for non-Western writing systems;
  • Text embedded in code (java, cgi, PERL . . .) within the HTML code or in separate archives;
  • Translations of PDFs in their original DTP applications;
  • Web-based applications;
  • Adobe Flash, Adobe GoAlive or other software;
  • Dubbing of website video productions; and
  • Translation within the content management system or database for dynamic web pages (.asp, .aspx, .jsp, .cfm…).
Learn more
Other Services


ImagineLingua is pleased to offer complete software localization services, including UI, translation, and compilation of Help files, apps localization and DTP for manuals.

Our advanced Translation Memory technology and Intuitive Visual tools help our localization professionals provide more efficient and higher quality translations.


While the phases can be in slightly different order and may go under different names, the process is essentially the same:

  1. Implement a CMS
  2. Globalize
  3. Internationalize
  4. Localize.
Localizing software may seem like a lot of complicated work, but just a little bit of preparation can prevent a lot of problems and save you tremendous time and money.


We are always happy to offer guidance to lead our customers through successful globalization and internationalization so that your localization process is much easier and less stressful.

It is not necessary for software developers to know HOW localization is done and WHAT is really happening while we have your files. But our work is transparent and every task we complete is done with your best interest in mind.

We offer full product localization support for over 120 languages, including all those of the EU, plus Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and many others. Our most successful projects are entirely completed on a local OS and Windows or Apple systems respectively.

From your original DLL files, our software engineers will provide a full localization service: translation, dialog resizing, hotkeys, help files, complete version rebuild and full QA and testing. Completing all tasks on the same native OS totally resolves all character-display issues, considerably reduces the time for project completion, and enhances the quality of the final local build.


Even beyond these processes, globalization encompasses different marketing approaches for each country or region, local after-market support, establishing some local presence, and many other aspects of global business.

You can read more about our global marketing services or simply request a free quote today for your current projects.


ImagineLingua provides audio and video transcribing services with the same level of exceptional quality and rapid delivery as our other services. Our services include:

  • Legal transcriptions of prisoner, plaintiff or defendant interviews;
  • transcribing depositions;
  • Transcribing films, videos and movies before translating them into other languages,
  • Transcribing business meetings;
  • Transcribing market research interviews;
  • and more.
Our transcription services can add time codes and provide summaries of audio files or scripts as desired.

Transcription services are available in English and all other language.

Whether your audio or video file involves multiple speakers, diverse accents, an unknown dialect, or contains background noise, we can help. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.


After a film, movie, video or e-learning course is transcribed and then translated by native speakers of the target language, we can proceed to voiceovers or subtitling.

During translation, cultural issues might be adjusted and localized references may have to be substituted or re-phrased. The key is to ensure that your transformed file will resonate among the target country’s language speakers.

For Voiceovers, we will need to know whether you want a male or female; a child, teen, adult or senior; or a unionized or non-unionized talent. We will then provide you with a selection of voice talents to choose from.

Subtitling is normally much less costly and is priced by the video minute. The process involves converting your translation to STR format, breaking the translation into unit or segments, time-coding them to match the source-language dialog, and then inserting the written language.

It’s important to note that French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian require around 20% more words than English does to express the same concept. German and Russian expand by around 10% while Chinese is less than English. The voiceover or subtitling processes may have to adjust the film to accommodate language expansion.

For video presentations, e-learning platforms, instructional videos, movies or any video with an international audience, we provide a full range of technical capabilities. These include full engineering and integration for all platforms.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.


Company names, product names, and slogans are one part of the branding process.

Companies literally invest millions of dollars to launch a new product … and then may discover that its name or slogan has a very negative connotation in the target country. Some examples:

  • Ford discovered that its Pinto car when introduced in Brazil was slang for “penis.”
  • Puff tissues discovered that “Puff” in the UK means a fag (derogatory term for homosexual) and in Germany is a whorehouse.
InagineLingua provides the cheapest insurance possible: testing or screening company names, product names, tag lines and slogans before your venture begins. With decades of experience, we have a rapid and cost-effective method to ensure that your desired name or tag line is either positive or neutral in up to ten key languages at a time.

For English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, we normally evaluate your names in major dialects because languages are spoken differently across countries. For example, a Swedish vacuum cleaner manufacturer launched a TV commercial in the UK and Commonwealth Africa where it made perfect sense. But when the company launched same commercial in the US, the slogan “Nothing sucks like Electrolux” had a slightly different connotation.

Evaluating Chinese is a separate matter because we must consider the written language in both Simplified and Traditional characters as well as their pronunciation in key dialects in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Each region or country has its own slang and word usage that could prove offensive. Rendering product or company names into Chinese involves three possible methods.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.Learn more