ImagineLingua has been offering our digital translation services by localizing promotions, content, manuals, and descriptions long before websites existed. Auerbach routinely offers a huge spectrum of website and software localization services — with our usual fast delivery and highest quality. We understand the global technology and want to ensure your product is best represented as you intended it to be from the original form.

Our digital translation services can range from localizing one or two static HTML web pages into a single language to complex sites using dynamic web pages (such as .asp or .cfm) with copy embedded in code and containing graphics, animation, oral presentations and interactive applications… all into multiple languages and writing systems.

In addition to the technical demands of creating an effective website, to work on a global level your site also needs to be “internationalized” – i.e., checked for its content and graphics correctness for the target audience.

For example:

  • Are dates and numbers written according to target-language conventions?
  • Are the text, colors, and images appealing or offensive to the target audience?
  • Does the text refer to expressions not used abroad?
  • Are prices converted to local currencies?
  • Are your noted payment methods available in the target countries?To provide an integrated localized website, we may also need to consider…
  • Keywords, description tags, and other non-visible copy used by search engines;
  • Character-encoding adjustments for non-Western writing systems;
  • Text embedded in code (java, cgi, PERL . . .) within the HTML code or in separate archives;
  • Translations of PDFs in their original DTP applications;
  • Web-based applications;
  • Animated presentations using Macromedia Flash, Adobe GoAlive or other software;
  • Dubbing of website video productions; and
  • Translation within the content management system or database for dynamic web pages (.asp, .aspx, .jsp, .cfm…).


ImagineLingua is pleased to offer complete internationalization and software localization services, including UI, translation, and compilation of Help files, apps localization and DTP for manuals.

Our advanced Translation Memory technology and Intuitive Visual tools help our localization professionals provide more efficient and higher quality translations.


While the phases can be in slightly different order and may go under different names, the process is essentially the same:

  1. Implement a CMS
  2. Globalize
  3. Internationalize
  4. Localize

Our digital translation service may seem like a lot of complicated work, but just a little bit of preparation can prevent a lot of problems and save you tremendous time and money.


We are always happy to offer guidance to lead our customers through successful globalization and internationalization so that your localization process is much easier and less stressful.

It is not necessary for software developers to know HOW localization is done and WHAT is really happening while we have your files. But our work is transparent and every task we complete is done with your best interest in mind.

We offer full product localization support for over 80 languages, including the 24 of the EU, plus Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and many others. Our most successful projects are entirely completed on a local OS and Windows or Apple systems respectively.

From your original DLL files, our software engineers will provide a full localization service: translation, dialog resizing, hotkeys, help files, complete version rebuild and full QA and testing. Completing all tasks on the same native OS totally resolves all character-display issues, considerably reduces the time for project completion, and enhances the quality of the final local build.


Even beyond these processes, globalization encompasses different marketing approaches for each country or region, local after-market support, establishing some local presence, and many other aspects of global business.

You can read more about our global marketing services or simply request a free quote today for your current projects.


ImagineLingua’s digital translation services includes audio and video transcription services with the same level of exceptional quality as our other services.

In addition to the technical demands of creating an effective website, to work on a global level your site also needs to be “internationalized” – i.e., checked for its content and graphics correctness for the target audience.

As part of our website language translation services, we can transcribe any project in the source language or translate it into your desired target language. We can also add time codes and provide summaries of tapes or scripts as desired. Whether your audio or video file involves multiple speakers, an unknown dialect, or contains background noise, we can help. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs as we can guide you through the latest technology to ensure your video is exactly what you are looking for to achieve your business goals.


Within our digital translation services, we work with films, videos, CDs or talking multimedia files (such as in Flash). ImagineLingua is proud to provide a large network of professionals in all target languages… both male and female, younger and older, and in all dialects.

We will gladly provide sample voices recorded as .wav files. As desired, recordings can be done in a professional studio, equipped with the latest in sound technology, equipment and top-of-the-line engineers. Directing, editing, re-mastering, and physical or electronic delivery are part of our standard service. As needed, we also sync to source-language voice, lock to picture and provide time codes. Through our network of studio contacts, we can also arrange for voiceover talents and recordings in other parts of North America and the world. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.